We had a dream: to re-shape the local creative environment and transform Bulgaria into a global music residence, by organizing a unique event, where national and international songwriters collaborate together, exchange ideas, experience, passion and know-how.

Our mission is to build a long-term multicultural platform for networking and co-writes between talented songwriters, music producers, artists, top liners and musicians, creating more opportunities for successful worldwide breakthroughs.

In May 2019, we made this dream come true and called it the Sofia Songwriting Camp.

10 Bulgarian and 15 international artists from 5 European countries spent 5 full days in 6 studios to create 24 tracks. And this was just the beginning…

Welcome to the Sofia Songwriting Camp!


„We want to help creators collaborate, share their international network, export their talent worldwide, and give everyone the opportunity to take their music to the next level. Hopefully, by also creating a sustainable business model for the future” – Robin Jenssen.

“I am sure that Sofia Songwriting Camp will give a different flavour to the future of the music business in Bulgaria” – Stanislava Armoutlieva.