ALMA is a 16-year-old, half British, half Bulgarian singer/songwriter. She was born and grew up in Sofia, where she learned to play the piano and the guitar, and started writing lyrics and melodies. Her family moved to Berlin when she was 13. Around this time, she started recording videos of herself, singing some of her favourite songs on her phone, and uploading them on Instagram. This is how she got noticed by one of the top labels in Bulgaria and by Romanian hit producer Cristian Tarcea – Monoir. She found herself in Tarcea’s studio, where she recorded a song for the first time, called “Perfect”, based on her own music ideas and lyrics. The track was released by Virginia Records as ALMA’s debut single in February 2019. In less than three months, “Perfect” became a super hit and turned the young singer into a star, not only in Bulgaria, but in several other European countries. MTV Hits International chose the video of “Perfect” for their A list, and the media in Poland and Russia gave massive support to the new artist. In July 2019, ALMA released her second single “Don’t Know”. On the day of the premiere, the song appeared in the New Music Friday playlists in Sweden and Poland, H&M picked it and played it in all their shops all over the world, and MTV Dance supported it too. Since, ALMA has released the track “Adres”, with Bulgarian award winning hip-hop artist duo Pavell & Venci Venc’, as well as her fourth single “Out Of Control”. Right now, ALMA is working on upcoming music and collaborations with famous international artists.