Robin Jenssen

Co-founder, VP & General Manager of EKKO Music Rights Europe
Co-founder and CEO of Dsign Music AS
Co-founder and CEO of Dsign Media AS
Co-founder and CEO of EKKO Publishing INC
Co-founder, VP & General Manager of Superior Recordings AB

Robin Jenssen is one of the co-founders of the renowned writing and production team Dsign Music. Since its start, the company has been involved in more than 250 worldwide releases, resulting in 38 Billboard No.1’s, over 35 million records, an array of international No.1’s and Top 10’s. Dsign Music is also a pioneer of K-Pop and J-Pop smash hits, cutting edge writing and production, and is winner of numerous awards, like YouTube Awards, several gold and platinum sales awards, MTV Awards and MAMA Awards in Asia.

2011 was the year, when Jenssen founded the Trondheim Song:Expo, known for being “Europe’s biggest songwriting camp”, with 15 studios and 100 songwriters/producers, who attend every year. The writing camp was later on organized also in other cities, such as Seoul (Seoul Calling), Los Angeles (LA:Expo) and Tokyo.

In 2017, Jenssen and his business partner Pelle Lidell (former European A&R Executive for Universal Music Publishing Ltd. UK), together with Forbes A-listed Korean music giant S.M. Entertainment, Korean billionaire Soo-Man Lee and Australian top A&R veteran Hayden Bell, launched a brand new international music publishing company – EKKO Music Rights Europe.

Jenssen is a pioneer in the K-Pop world, where his clients Dsign Music to date, are responsible for more than 35 million in physical sales and some of the most iconic and commercially successful hits in the history of K-Pop’s. Jenssen is a very experienced entrepreneur and music publisher, internationally known for his excellent strategic and entrepreneurial skills. He is also involved in other ventures such as musicals and music tech.